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On November 17th, 2022, at the German Texas Historical Society in Austin, Texas, Manager of Fans and Spectators, Christian Schmidt, presented OFC VfB Americana with official recognition status!

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13 months earlier, on December 6th, 2021, VfB Official Fan Representative Ralph Klenk received an inquiry of interest from the group, and a day later, forms were sent to America to start the OFC process.  After months of recruitment, over 30 initial supporters signed up to create an American based OFC and on July 31st the first OFC meeting was held via Zoom.  The second American based OFC (after American Stuttgart Fans), this group approved a name, a charter, and several Board positions, even seeing the first ever coin-toss tiebreaker in organization history!  All told, 38 participants, stretching all the way from California to D.C., from Wisconsin to Texas, expressed interest in forming the OFC, with nine attending the first General Meeting in person!  Later that day, the membership paperwork was sent to VfB, and two weeks later, on August 15th, the OFC was unofficially approved.  Six weeks later, on September 19th, the Board approved the first ever OFC logos.  

On November 19th, two days after becoming official, members of the OFC met for the first time as a group at Oskar Blues for fellowship, Tipp Kick, and camaraderie before marching to Q2 Stadium to watch their VfB play 1. FC Köln in a friendly, a match in which die jungundwild won 2:4!

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History: About
History: About
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